You can find your AsdeqForms by logging in to your Asdeq Enterprise Server as an administrator. Click the Forms tab to view, edit, and create new forms. 

AsdeqForms allows you to create forms by either building a new form using the drag and drop Form Editor or by copying an existing form.


Users can also be permitted to manage forms by granting them the Form Administrator role which only provides access to the Forms Management areas of the AsdeqServer.


Default Form Creation Location

It is recommended that you set up the Default Form Creation Location. You can choose from any of your source locations (e.g., Fileshare or SharePoint). Once the Default Form Creation Location is configured all newly created forms will be saved to the selected default location.

  1. Select AsdeqForms Settings from the Settings menu.
  2. Click the Forms Source Location to launch the source location browser.
  3. Select the source Location folder where you want to save your forms.


Creating a New Form

To create a new form:

  1. Select (+) New Form to start the Create New Form wizard.
  2. The Create New Form window appears. You can enter a Name and Description for the form.
  3. When creating a new form you have 4 options:
    1. Make a new form using the default template
    2. Make a copy of an existing form (see below)
    3. Import a form definition file (.afdz) (see below)
    4. Leave all settings blank
  4. Select Make a new form using the default template and select Save.
  5. Once your form is saved you will have the option to select Done to save the form for editing later or Edit Form Now to launch the form editor.

Copy an existing form

To copy an existing form:

  1. Select (+) New Form to start the Create New Form wizard.
  2. The Create New Form window appears. You can enter a Name and Description for the form.
  3. Select Make a Copy of an Existing Form and select Save.
  4. Once your form is saved you will have the option to select Done to save the form for editing later or Edit Form Now to launch the form editor.

When you copy a form all of the form files are copied to a new folder in the Default Form Creation Location

Exporting and Importing Form Definitions

Form definitions can be exported as a single file from an AsdeqForms Server. This is useful when transferring a form definition between Development/UAT to a Production environment.

The form definitions are exported as an .afdz file - AsdeqForms Definition Zip containing the main form resources such as the Schema, Javascript and CSS files.

The form definition file can either be imported as a new form or it can be imported to an existing form definition.


See Exporting and Importing Form Definitions for detailed information on exporting and importing.


Deleting a Form

To Delete an existing form:

  1. Select the Forms tab, then select a form in the list on the left of the screen.
  2. Click on the 'minus' ( - ) button to delete that form.
  3. Confirm the deletion.


When you delete a form it is removed from users' AsdeqForms apps and from the Forms screen, but it does not delete the underlying files on the source location. For example if you delete a form that is stored in a SharePoint library the form will no longer appear in the list but any saved files will remain in SharePoint.