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Opening Documents

Documents can be opened using main menu at the left of the screen, or from the Quick View menu at the top.  Documents will be available in the Quick View menu if:

  • You have added them to your favourites
  • You have viewed them recently
  • They are in the same folder as a document you are currently viewing in full-screen.


In Browsing Mode

Opening a document from the Quick View menu in browsing mode. You can also see the main menu at the left.

In Full Screen Mode

Opening a document from the Quick View menu in full screen mode. In this shot, the user is looking at other documents in the same folder to swap to.

Viewing Modes

Browsing Mode

Browsing mode is great for quickly scanning through documents to find the one you need.

Full Screen Mode

Full screen mode is great for reading a document.

Side By Side (2-Up) Mode

Side by Side mode is great for comparing two documents, or referring to two parts of the same document.

Accessing Full Screen Mode

The full screen swap button is located at the top righthand corner of any document window.

Use this button to enter Full Screen.

Use this button to exit Full Screen.

Entering Side By Side (2-Up) Mode

From Browse Mode, you can open any document side-by-side with the current document, simply by opening it from the Quick View menu.

You can open a second view on the same document simply by selecting "Open New View" from the document's Actions menu.

View Options

A number of options are available for reading documents.  Not all options are available for all document types.

  • Use the zoom functions to neatly fit the document insider your viewing window.  When the whole page is being viewed, you can use a flick to navigate between whole pages.
  • Use the Scroll Lock function if you are using documents on-site and you want to temporarily protect against accidental scrolling.
  • Use rotate 90 degrees if, for example, your document has been scanned sideways and you'd like to correct this, and read it the right way up.
  • Use Open New View to open two windows on the same document, side by side.


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