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As well as downloading and uploading files, AsdeqDocs also supports a range of actions on files and folders that take effect on the back end source locations.

  • Your libraries may not show these features if the source location has been set up as read-only by your system administrator, and they have enabled file management policy.
  • The actions are only available on the Local FilesystemFileshare and SharePoint source locations.
  • The actions are not yet available in the Android client.

The actions include the following file management tasks:

  • Create Folder
  • Rename File/Folder
  • Delete File/Folder
  • Move File/Folder
  • Copy File/Folder


The file actions are available through the File Actions menu, accessible through the ellipsis (...) button, positioned in the title bar of any document window. They are available in the "Organise" section, except for "Rename File/Folder" which can be found in the "Info" section, by tapping on the document's name.

OSX / Windows

The file actions are available through right click context menus, and cut/copy/paste actions.



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