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AsdeqDocs allows you to open documents in 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and Apple Pages and Numbers, and seamlessly save edits to the document back to AsdeqDocs.

Example: Open document in Microsoft Word

Video Instructions

Text Instructions

  1. Open the Document in AsdeqDocs and Select "Open in Microsoft Office" from the Actions menu.
  2. A dialog will appear with some instructions.  Select OK. 
  3. Microsoft Office launches
  4. In Office Select Open > More
    1. The first time you use word you will have to switch AsdeqDocs
    2. Select "Edit"
    3. Toggle AsdeqDocs to On
  5. Select Locations > AsdeqDocs
  6. Select your document from the AsdeqDocs Menu
  7. You can now edit and save your Document. All changes will be saved back to AsdeqDocs
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