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As AsdeqDocs and AsdeqForms have first class support for offline access to documents and forms, the apps can be used to access documents on a "secure" iPad or iPhone which has WiFI, 3G and the camera disabled.

This article describes how to setup and sync AsdeqDocs so that documents are available on such a device.


  • An installed and configured AsdeqServer
  • A Mac computer with a network connection to AsdeqServer

1. Enable Offline Login Policy on the AsdeqServer

In order to operate offline login must be enabled on the AsdeqServer. See Security Policy on how to do this.

2. Share Network with a macOS Host

Plug the device into a macOS computer via a Lightning or USB-C cable.

  • Ensure the Mac Internet is working properly via WiFi, thunderbolt, or ethernet port
  • Connect the iPhone/iPad via the cable
  • Unlock the iPhone/iPad 
  • If the device asks to "Trust this computer?", tap "Trust"
  • Go to the System Preferences -> Sharing 
  • Uncheck "Internet sharing" if it is checked in order to allow changes to "To computers using:" 
  • Choose "Share your connection from:" either "Ethernet" or "Thunderbolt ethernet"
  • Check the "To computers using:" "iPhone USB" / "iPad USB" boxes then check the "Internet sharing" service.

The iPhone/iPad should now be able to use Internet from the Mac. Confirm this using Safari on the device.

3. Install the AsdeqDocs App

4. Setup Server and Login

  • Setup the AsdeqDocs server url to point to the server the app will sync with
  • Login as the user that will be using app. As the user will then perform an offline login later it must be with the actual username and password of the user that will be using the app. Alternatively, you can setup the server policy so that the user is never logged out.
  • If login fails, check the network connection above, and the URL of the AsdeqServer.

5. Select Libraries and Wait for Sync to Complete

  • Once logged in, select "Libraries" and tap the "Edit" button. 
  • Select the libraries you wish to sync to the device. For more details see Choose / Manage Libraries
  • The app should start syncing, and displaying progress in the bottom left of screen.
  • Leave the device connected until it displays "Up to date" in the bottom left of screen.

5. Disconnect the Device

Disconnect the device from the Mac. 

The user should now be able to use the libraries and documents that have been synced to the device entirely offline.


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