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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs and AsdeqForms 6.0.

Version 6.0 is a major release of all components of the system and is a recommended update for all customers.


Release Details


AsdeqDocs Server

AsdeqForms iPad / iPhone


AsdeqDocs iPad / iPhone Client

AsdeqDocs Android Client

AsdeqForms Android Client

Mac OS X Client

Windows Client

Release Date19-Apr-201830-Apr-201820-Apr-2018TBATBA19-Apr-201819-Apr-2018
Installation and Upgrade

Latest Server Downloads

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store

Installation and upgrade is through the

Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through the

Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through a download from the

Download Page

Installation and upgrade is through a download from the

Download Page

 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs/AsdeqForms clients can be updated independently of each other.


Note that if upgrading a server prior to version 3.4, the server must first be upgraded to v3.4 before upgrading to the latest version. Please see the instructions in Updating AsdeqDocs server versions.

If you are currently using Windows Integrated Authentication to connect to SQL Server on a version prior to 5.2, please see the upgrade instructions in Windows Integrated Authentication in SQL Server.

What's New in Version 6.0

Approval Workflow

AsdeqForms version 6.0 introduces the concept of Approval based workflows. An approval workflow allows a form to be assigned to an arbitrary number of approvers who are given the task to approve the form.

Workflow Editing

To configure workflows, a new tab has been added to the form editor. 

After selecting the Approval workflow type, you can then add an arbitary number of Approval Steps. Each step has a title, and defines who it will be assigned to.

Approvals can be assigned to a specific user, the current user's manager, or the current user chooses from a list of users or a group.

A new dialog allow this to be specified simply.

Submission and Assignment

When an approval form is submitted, the user is presented with a new dialog that specifies the next assignee of the form, and allow the user to enter any comments for that assignee.

Each step of the approval workflow can be configured to be assigned to a specific user, the current user's manager, or let the current user choose from a list of approvers.

Approve, Reject, or Request Changes

When viewing a form assigned to them for approval, an approver can ApproveReject, or Request Changes

Approving a form sends it on to the next approval step - or if all steps are complete then the form's state changes to Approved, and the form author is notified.

Rejecting a form sets it to rejected. Requesting Changes, however, assigns the form back to the original author of the form, with comments detailing the changes required, allowing them to submit it again.

Task Lists

Forms that require approval, or need changes, are shown to the user in their task list.

In AsdeqForms for web these are shown on the left with badges:

Status Display

Once a form is within a workflow, it will show a status bar at the top of the form. This gives a quick indication to the user of the state of the form, and what their current task is. If a comment has been made by the previous assignee, it is shown below the bar.

Dynamic Workflows 

The properties of an approval step can be set to bindings. In particular the 'enabled' property can be bound to form data or a calculation, in order to make approval steps optional base on form data.

This allows, for instance, only forms with high risks, or above a certain value, to need approval. Or it can also allow the form to be routed to different approvers depending on the form data.

Email and Push Notifications

Asdeq Server now supports sending emails and push notifications when workflow tasks are created, or a form is approved or submitted.

Notifications are configured in the workflow properties section of the workflow tab.

Email notifications can also be enabled for the standard submission workflow. This allow submitted forms to trigger an email to specified recipients, optionally with an attached PDF.

When a user receives an email, they are given the details of the event that triggered it, and a link to open the form in the web app. Optionally a PDF can be attached.

If push notifications are enabled, then the user will receive a push notification on their configured devices, both on Android and iOS. The push notification gives a brief summary, and tapping on it takes the user to the form in question.

Support for Editing Master/Detail Controls in the Form Editor  

Master/Detail controls are now editable within the visual form editor. You can drag a master/detail onto a form, edit it's properties, and drag and drop controls into the detail.

The description of the Master/Detail, which is shown in the main form, is configurable via a dialog which lets you select a subset of the controls within the detail. 

Code Complete (Intellisense) in the Script and Xml Editors

Both the script and xml editors now use the excellent Microsoft Monaco editor. 

This lets us provide smart code complete for both editors. As well as completing methods on globals such as `formEngine`, the code complete also works events, and resolves the correct type for the control referenced by an event.

As well as completing methods and properties, the editor can display the documentation for the method or property, and can complete the parameters for a method

This all makes authoring form scripts simpler and easier.

The new XML editor can also now complete attributes and tag names, as well as validate the edited XML.

Other Form Editor Improvements

"Simple" Mode

The form editor now just displays the "Layout" and "Run" tabs by default to keep the user interface simpler. The other tabs are available by clicking the ellipsis to the right of the tabs.

Form Properties

The global properties of a form are now available in the editor by using the Form -> Show Form Properties menu option.

Amongst other things, you can use these properties to set the output format of the form, it's title, description, and add a global init event handler.

Active Directory user properties

User properties are now available bindings through the `user` object. The has several standard properties such as ${user.username}, ${}, ${user.firstName}, ${user.lastName} etc.

Additionally, Active Directory properties of a user are available via the object, and a user's manager in AD is available through user.manager. See the Microsoft documentation for the full list of available properties.

Server Functions

Server side scripts have been renamed 'Server Functions'. This fits with the naming of AWS Lambda Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions, as the Asdeq Server Functions are very similar in concept.

The APIs available to Server Functions are being contuinually expanded. Version 6.0 introduces simpler APIs for server functions to read and write form resources and other files, allowing a simpler mechanism of integrating external reference data with forms.

SAP Connector

Version 5.3 allowed server functions to respond to form submission events.

This version builds on this by introducing a SAP helper class which allows submitting form data directly to SAP instances via the JCo java connector.

As the JCo connector is not redistributable, it must be obtained through a valid SAP licence and copied to the Asdeq Server. It's location can be specified in script or the config file.

See the Server Function Documentation for more details.


Other Improvements

  • Uploads through the web interface now offer a confirmation to overwrite existing files
  • As a configuration option, the form engine can now use Chrome Headless instead of PhantomJS
  • Cache sizes will now autotune to available memory
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

Minor Releases

Version 6.0.1

  • AsdeqDocs / AsdeqForms for Android
    • Initial 6.0 release including features above
  • AsdeqDocs for iOS 
    • Fix issues with padding around annotation text, and introduce a new setting to make padding optional
    • Fix various issues with annotation tools
    • Fix issue where document would disappear after device rotation
    • Fixes long titles overrunning in the title bar
  • AsdeqServer
    • Fix an issue where the http object in server functions did not have code complete
    • Upgrade the .NET helper which provides SharePoint Online logins. This allows for newer ADFS setups.
    • Fix a couple of drag and drop and alignment issues in the form editor

Version 6.0.2

  • AsdeqForms for iOS / Android
    • Fixes an issue where selecting an approver of a form is not validated
    • Fix for a form approver getting their domain doubled up in some scenarios
  • AsdeqServer
    • Update the Microsoft identity management library, to fix issues connecting to Sharepoint online using ADFS
    • Fixes issues with groups and their sids in complex Active Directory scenarios
    • Fix issues with binary data appearing in Active Directory properties preventing them being available in AsdeqForms
    • Fix issue adding global onInit handler in the form editor
    • Fix an issue with detail descriptions in a master/detail where fields are renamed or deleted

Version 6.0.3

  • AsdeqForms for iOS / Android
    • Fixes an issue where using emojis in the workflow comment box would cause issues
  • AsdeqServer
    • Allow saved searches to be used as the root of RM8 source locations
    • Fixes an issue with schedules on server functions
    • Fixes an issue with date ranges on an audit log search
    • Works around an issue where JSON files stored in SharePoint would not download due to internal SharePoint issues
    • Fixes an issue where corrupt script files would be removed from a form when editing it

Version 6.0.4

  • AsdeqServer
    • Fixes an issue preventing view a library's files in particular circumstances

Version 6.0.5

  • AsdeqServer
    • Reduces the amount of memory used when processing forms
    • Fixes an issue with logging across a cluster
  • AsdeqDocs for MobileIron 
    • Fixes an issue where a preset server URL could be changed
  • AsdeqForms for iOS
    • Fixes an issue showing an error message telling users to upgrade to use a particular form

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