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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs and AsdeqForms 5.0.

Version 5.0 is a major release of all components of the AsdeqDocs system and is a recommended update for all customers.


Release Details


AsdeqDocs Server

AsdeqForms iPad Client

AsdeqDocs iPad / iPhone Client

Android Client

Mac OS X Client

Windows Client

Release Date16-Jan-201716-Jan-201716-Jan-2017TBA - Jan 201716-Jan-201716-Jan-2017
Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store

Installation and upgrade is through the

Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through a download from

Installation and upgrade is through a download from

Update Releases : 3-Feb-2017

  • Minor bug fixes


5.0.1 : 23-Jan-2017
  • Fixes an issue with the master/detail control
 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs/AsdeqForms clients can be updated independently of each other.


Note that if upgrading a server prior to version 3.4, the server must first be upgraded to v3.4 before upgrading to v5.0. Please see the instructions in Updating AsdeqDocs server versions.

What's New in AsdeqForms 5.0

AsdeqForms version 5.0 marks the general availability of the AsdeqForms solution. We are very excited about the possibilities the AsdeqForms system brings to both existing and new customers. In the 5.0 release we have worked on making forms easier to create, and have better back end integration.

Knowledge Base

For more details on new and existing features of AsdeqForms, see the AsdeqForms Knowledge Base.


Form Editor

AsdeqForms now contains a full WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, that allows drag and drop creation and editing of forms. 

The form editor is available as a an online demo at:


The Run tab allows previewing the form as it will appear on a mobile device, in real time:

Improved Form Creation and Configuration

Creating a form now gives the option to use a default location and layout, which greatly simplifies the process of creating a form from scratch. A form can also be copied from another to reuse existing layouts and resources.

The Form Library configuration pages have been overhauled to group the configuration under tabs. More details can be found at Configuring a Form.

Barcode and QR Code Scanner Control

A new control in the form engine allows scanning 1D or 2D (QR) barcodes through the device's camera, and adding the barcode text to the form's data.

CSV and Excel Export

The form engine now supports tabular export of form data, to both CSV and Excel formats.

What's New in AsdeqDocs 5.0

New PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer within AsdeqDocs for iOS has received a total overhaul under the covers. We have replaced the inbuilt iOS PDF rendering with PDFium, which is used by Google Chrome.

This provides:

  • PDF rendering is significantly faster for complex PDFs;
  • PDFs are rendered with better fidelity;
  • Complex annotations included within the PDF will now show on iOS devices, including annotations that link to other pages;
  • PDFs can now be rotated by 90 degrees as well as 180;
  • Table of Contents view has been improved to better show long entries.

Additionally this gives us a platform for further PDF improvements.

Force Refresh

As well as showing the download progress and modification dates of the file, the Status tab now allows a user to force a new download of a file. 

This is useful in the case where a corrupt copy of the file has been downloaded onto a device, or where the user knows a new version of a file is available but AsdeqDocs server has not picked up the change yet.

Other Improvements

  • AsdeqDocs for Android has improved performance while syncing large libraries
  • The AsdeqDocs 5.0 client is available on iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+, Windows 7+, and OSX 10.10+

What's New in AsdeqServer 5.0

Besides server side support for the new AsdeqForms features above, AsdeqDocs Server includes the following improvements and fixes:

Better Multi-domain Support and Domain Mappings

Multi-domain/Forest is now better supported through the Active Directory Global Catalog. Multiple domains require the use of Universal Security Groups in Active Directory.

A new settings page allows flexible mappings from Netbios and other domain name aliases to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

HP Records Manager 8 Update

AsdeqDocs Server now has direct support for the HP Records Manager 8 ServiceAPI interface.

This simplifies setup and configuration as the HP TRIM SDK library and AsdeqDocs Connector is no longer required to be installed on a RM server.

OData Source Location

AsdeqDocs now supports integrating to arbitrary data sources such as SAP, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the OData protocol.

OData (Open Data Protocol) is an OASIS standard that defines a set of best practices for building and consuming RESTful APIs. See for more information.

Forms can consume OData feeds for reference data, submit form data to an OData location, or even perform full CRUD (create-read-update-delete) operations on an OData source.

Additionally, because OData is an open standard that is simple to implement on many development platforms, it provides us with a powerful API for integrating AsdeqForms with any custom backend system.

Web Links Source Location

The new Web Links source location allows arbitrary URLs to be made available to the AsdeqDocs and AsdeqForms clients. This is useful for documents that are available on the web or intranet, as well as reference data for forms.

This source location will be enhanced in the future to allow full REST capabilities. 

Mule ESB Integration

AsdeqDocs Server now support OData based integration with the  Mule Enterprise Service Bus. See AsdeqForms Mule Connector for more details.

New Form Administrator Role

The new Form Administrator role allows users to be granted access to create and edit forms, without being given access to all administration functionality.

Other Improvements

  • AsdeqLabs signed certificates now use SHA-256 rather than SHA-1
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements, including improved clean up of old data.

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