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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs 4.3.

Version 4.3 is a maintenance release of AsdeqDocs Server, and a feature release of AsdeqForms. The next version of the AsdeqDocs clients will be version 4.4.


Release Details


AsdeqForms iPad Client

AsdeqDocs Server

Release Date4-May-20155-Jul-2016
Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store


Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:


Note that if upgrading a server prior to version 3.4, the server must first be upgraded to v3.4 before upgrading to v4.3. Please see the instructions in Updating AsdeqDocs server versions.

Minor Releases


Version: 4.3.140

Date: 31-Oct-2016

  • Increases the maximum character limit on LDAP Search bases
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements


 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs clients can be updated independently of each other.


What's New in AsdeqForms 1.1 and 1.2

Search, Advanced Search, and Geolocation Search

Form data is now indexed on the AsdeqDocs server. This allows users to do free text search for form instances on the client.

Additionally the searching user interface can be customised in the form definition, so that a fully customisable advanced search interface can be created per form.

GPS location data is fully indexed, and can be searched by selecting a point on a map, and a distance for data to include. Geolocation search results can be displayed on a map.

Form Reassignment

Forms found on the server can be re-assigned to the current user. This then makes the form available for editing on the current device.

Saving of Drafts to the Server

Draft forms can now be optionally synced to the server.

Form Export

Forms can now be optionally exported to PDF, CSV, HTML or images when they are submitted to the server.

New Controls

A new panel control allows grouping of controls, which can be optionally shown and hidden.

A new address control allows the input of structured addresses, and can be autofilled by a reverse geocode of the current location, or by lookup to Addressify information.

What's New in AsdeqDocs Server 4.3

Besides server side support for the new AsdeqForms features above, AsdeqDocs Server includes the following improvements and fixes:


  • The app version is now shown in the Device Management list.
  • Java runtime upgraded to the latest Java 8 version, which fixes some SSL issues when running behind a load balancer or reverse proxy.
  • Issues with duplicated security information in Sharepoint source locations fixed
  • Many database and other performance improvements
  • Devices which have been disabled and have been inactive for more than 2 months will be archived from the device table to improve performance  
  • Using the Microsoft JDBC Driver to connect to SQL Server is now optionally supported. This is needed to connect to Microsoft Azure databases, and is likely to become the default option in future versions.

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