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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs 4.0.

Version 4.0 is a major release that is a recommended upgrade for all customers running version 3.4 or earlier.

Release Details


iPad & iPhone Client

Android Client

Mac OS X Client

Windows Client

AsdeqDocs Server

Release DateTBA19-Jun-20151-Jul-20151-Jul-20151-Jul-2015
Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store


Installation and upgrade is through the

Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through

a download from

Installation and upgrade is through

a download from

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:


Note that if upgrading a server prior to version 3.4, the server must first be upgraded to v3.4 before upgrading to v4.0. Please see the instructions in Updating AsdeqServer versions.

Minor Releases

4.0.1 - 15-Jul-2015 - fixes an issue causing long processing file stage in sync


4.0.455 - 15-Jul-2015 - fixes a problem updating Source Location schedules

4.0.484 - 3-Sep-2015 - Adds an Amazon S3 source location, plus bug fixes and performance improvements to the SharePoint source location

 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs clients can be updated independently of each other.


What's New in AsdeqDocs 4.0

More information while syncing documents

We've been told by our customers that they would like to be able to access more information while syncing large amounts of documents over a slow connection.  Also, you have said you'd like end users to be more clearly informed when there is a risk they are using outdated documents.

If you haven't synced AsdeqDocs with the server in a while, or if other potential problems are present like the server being offline, the app will inform you in the bottom lefthand corner.


A new popup message box is available when you are performing a sync that will help you gauge what network activity is taking place.

Quickly see what's up-to-date and what's not

In AsdeqDocs 4.0, it's much easier to see at a glance when documents are being updated within your folders, without interrupting your navigation experience.

Within the context of a folder listing, you can see the status of any currently downloading file with a quick glance. Files waiting for download have a gently rotating dotted line.

You can tap the ellipsis button (...) to get detailed information on the current status of the document, including any known errors and problems.

If you are reading a document and AsdeqDocs knows that a newer version is available, you will be alerted that there is a problem through the use of an exclamation mark over the ellipsis button in the toolbar. Tap the button to see what action you need to take.

This is shown in the new Status tab of the document properties popover:


When you first log in you can see at a glance how many new or updated documents have arrived in your most recent sync

Automatically login and remember the last document you worked on

The AsdeqDocs client can now optionally remember a user's username and/or password to make logging in easier, even when the application has been terminated by the operating system.

Additionally the app now remembers which document, and the location within the document, that you were viewing before the app was logged out.

These features are controlled by new policies available in AsdeqDocs server:

Copy, move, rename & delete files

As well as downloading and uploading files AsdeqDocs now supports a range of actions on files and folders that take effect on the back end source locations.

These include:

  • Create Folder
  • Rename File/Folder
  • Delete File/Folder
  • Move File/Folder
  • Copy File/Folder

These actions are performed on the back end system, using the APIs available for the given system.

Currently file management actions are available on the local filesystem, fileshare and SharePoint source locations, and are available from the OS X and Windows clients.

The file actions must be enabled by policy at both the global or source location level.


The file actions are available on the client through right click context menus, and cut/copy/paste actions.



Improved Source Locations User Interface

The Source Locations page has been overhauled to organise the screen better using tabs.

The Access Rules tab now clearly shows the decisions on whether a user has access to a file:

Source Location Policies

Source locations can now have a specific policy settings in addition to the global policy:


AsdeqDocs Server supports multiple forms of multi-tenanting, where multiple organizations can use the same AsdeqDocs system.

Besides the existing support for multiple installations of AsdeqDocs, version 4.0 adds inbuilt tenant management functions, so that multiple organizations can be hosted from the one instance of AsdeqDocs. 

The inbuilt Tenant Management functions allow tenants to be added and removed, and allow users, groups, source locations and libraries to be associated with a given tenant. Users associated with a given tenant can only see and sync files from source locations which are also associated with that tenant. Tenant management functions must be enabled by the installation of a multi-tenant enabled licence.

Administration functions are available to the hosting organization, but not to tenant users. 

See the Multi-Tenanting documentation for more information.

Search by Metadata

Metadata fields are now available for searching in SharePoint and Trim / RM 8 source locations.

Documents with metadata matching a given term will appear in general search results, and the fields can be specifically queried on using the syntax 

Metadata Search
metadata.fieldname: value

for instance: jon

This applies to SharePoint Managed Metadata, as well as user defined columns and properties from Office documents such as Author, Title, Keywords etc.

The screenshot below shows a search for "Fernando" returning a document where he is the author:

CMIS based API

AsdeqDocs server now includes a standards based CMIS API which allows browsing and downloading files from source locations. See the documentation for more information and samples: CMIS API.

Improved Office Document HD Mode

The HD mode for Office viewing has been updated to render higher fidelity views of Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents - including better column layout and font kerning support.

Other Changes

  • Downloads for OS X and Windows are also available on the server login page in addition to iOS and Android.
  • The generated welcome email now includes links to download the app as well as the server URL. This email is now available on the administration General Settings page as well as the login page.
  • Office document icons have been refreshed to match Office 2013
  • AsdeqDocs Server now runs on Java 8 which provides better performance and stability.
  • The is no longer an installer for AsdeqDocs Server for 32 bit Windows. If you are using 32 bit Windows, please contact us.
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements across the system.



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