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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs 3.3.

Version 3.3 is a recommended upgrade for all customers running version 3.2 or earlier as it contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Release Details


iPad & iPhone Client

Android Client

Mac OS X Client

Windows Client

AsdeqDocs Server

Release Date2-Jul-20142-Jul-20142-Jul-20142-Jul-20149-Jul-2014
Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store


Installation and upgrade is through the

Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through

a download from

Installation and upgrade is through

a download from

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Installing AsdeqServer

Minor Releases     
 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs clients can be updated independently of each other.


What's New in AsdeqDocs 3.3


AsdeqDocs for Windows

AsdeqDocs comes to Windows! Use your AsdeqDocs libraries on your Windows 7 or 8 desktop, laptop, or tablet device (such as Microsoft Surface).

See the Windows client in action.

AsdeqDocs for Windows on Windows 7


AsdeqDocs for Windows running on a Microsoft Surface tablet
Sing on to AsdeqDocs using your
regular Active Directory (or any LDAP) account
Receive access to the same documents and folders that you can use
on your mobile devices. Use them online or offline. 
Remotely browse files from back-end
repositories without needing to use a VPN

Navigate through your documents by column view
or using tree or list style browsers

Preview to read files without editing.
Open files to edit.

View recent file activity.
Recently viewed, recently created and recently modified.

Powerful, fast full text search

The powerful on-device search technology from the Android and iOS versions is also a great tool for finding AsdeqDocs documents on Windows.


Android Annotation Tools

AsdeqDocs 3.3 brings the ability to annotate PDF documents. Quickly create notes on your documents using your finger or a device such as the Samsung Galaxy S-Pen.

Annotations created with AsdeqDocs for Android are created in standard PDF Annotation format and can be also viewed and edited in other PDF software, such as Adobe Reader.

A future versions of the iOS client will move to using the standard PDF annotation format.


Android Annotations Tools
Demonstrated are the arrow tool, the box tool, the free text tool, and the freehand marker tool. 


Navigate to annotated
pages using easily
or bookmarks

Choose line thickness and annotation colour



The full Android Annotation tool palette

Client App Improvements

Getting Started Wizard

The iOS and Android clients now include a short getting started screen, which:

  • Briefly introduces AsdeqDocs
  • Helps new users discover how to manage what libraries are on their devices, and 
  • Locate help information.

This screen will appear the first time you use AsdeqDocs, and can also be set to appear whenever your users log in. Turn it on when configuring a device for a new user to help them get up and running.

Getting Started Page 1 iPad

Getting Started Page 2 iPad

Getting Started Page 1 Android

Getting Started Page 1 iPhone



Create and Modify Libraries from the Edit Libraries Dialog

The Edit Libraries dialog has been enhanced. You can now add and modify libraries through this screen. This creates a new easy-to-find library management hub within the app, with all available library management tools in one place.

These tools were previously found (and can still be accessed using) the Browse Network feature.

Easily add and edit new libraries
Quickly visualise device usage using pie chart 

New library addition form
Navigate using tabs or quick sequential links 

Step one of selecting contents for a new library
 Tap the "Add Documents" button

Step two of selecting contents for new library
Check to select as many documents and folders as you need  

You can choose who to share your new library with
directly from within the app 



AirPrint Supported for PDF Documents

The iPhone / iPad version now supports printing PDF documents via AirPrint. You can directly print from AsdeqDocs to any AirPrint enabled server.

Access to this new feature can be limited using a server policy if required.

Client Side API

The iOS and Android clients now support integration through the use of the asdeqdocs:// URL scheme.

This allows opening and searching for documents through links contained in emails, HTML files and PDFs, both internally and externally to AsdeqDocs.

This API will be expanded in the future to include more actions.


The documentation of the API is available here: AsdeqDocs Client API.


Server Improvements

New Policies - Print, Library Management and Location Data

New policies have been added to the server policy screen to support new the new features.

SharePoint Views Support

The SharePoint source location now supports configuring a dynamic or static view to be used when scanning SharePoint data. This enables filtering of content as determined by the SharePoint view so that users only see what is important to them.

Additional SharePoint Improvements

Links in SharePoint list items to other SharePoint content (such as to a site) are now clickable.

In addition there have been significant improvements in SharePoint scanning performance. 

More Control Over Credentials Used to Download Data

When configuring a Source Location, an administrator can now specify whether the downloads of files should use the logged in user or the system user, independently of whether the source location access rules should be respected.

This allows the admin to use the system account for scanning files, and the logged in user's account to download the files, so when a user downloads a file they will appear on the audit/activity logs of the back-end file repository.

Library Management Screen

Administrators now have access to a new screen to manage all libraries in the system, which allows them to change the ownership of a library, and delete them.


Additional Improvements

  • Significant improvements in sync performance.
  • Links in PDFs are now clickable on Android.
  • TRIM links and TR5 files now open files on Android.
  • PDF documents that do not have a table of contents, and only have a couple of pages, do not show the table of contents by default.
  • Searches for a letter and number (e.g. "S1234") now return expected results.





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