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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs 3.0.

Version 3.0 is a recommended upgrade for all customers running version 2.4 or earlier.

Release Details


iPad & iPhone Client

Android Client

AsdeqDocs Server

Release Date17 Sept 201318 Sept 201323 Sept 2013
Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store


Installation and upgrade is through the

Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Installing AsdeqServer

Please note the new policies mentioned below which
must be enabled to allow the new server browsing functionality

 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs clients can be updated independently of each other.

What's New in AsdeqDocs 3.0


Android Uploads

The Android version supports opening files into the application.

The Android version now supports writing files back to the server (two way synchronization), and conflict resolution.

The Android version now supports editing in external applications and saving 

iPhone & iPad

PowerPoint Viewer

AsdeqDocs now includes a presentation mode which allow fullscreen PowerPoint presentations with excellent slide rendering. This includes a new rendering engine which is much better than the native iOS PowerPoint renderer.


Upload of annotations

Annotations can now be saved back to the file repository via upload enabled libraries. The user is presented with a Save As style dialog to rename the annotated file prior to upload. In this way, multiple user's annotations can be shared with any user with the same access to the back-end file repository.

SharePoint metadata display

SharePoint metadata is now displayed on the client where available. 

Additionally there is a new option in the server SharePoint source location to use the Title field as the filename of a document library file instead of the raw filename.

Updated look for iOS 7

In line with the new look of iOS 7, AsdeqDocs has updated the look of some of the existing features without impacting functionality. 

AsdeqDocs Server

Server High Availability

Version 3.0 introduces a powerful and flexible clustering system to allow AsdeqDocs Server to achieve high availability and scalability goals. The server includes a user friendly interface managing a cluster, including the ability to add servers to a cluster in seconds. 

Installing a cluster is made easy by the installation wizard and the use of a cluster key, which copies all relevant settings to a new server.


Configuring AsdeqDocs in a cluster allows the server to be used by thousands of concurrent users. 

The administration interface provides extensive monitoring capabilities of the cluster. This includes realtime graphs and statistics of server status and load.

Network Settings

A new screen allows the disabling of SSL/TLS and changing the port number from within the application. This allows easy configurations for when AsdeqDocs is behind a load balancer, firewall or reverse proxy.

Additional improvements

  • Improvements in the TLS engine, particularly protection against the Beast attack
  • The TRIM source location can now search by document id
  • Audit maps now show street view images if available
  • The Windows service wrapper now automatically sets its memory limit
  • Upgrades to the latest versions of Tomcat and Java
  • Improved licensing information
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Support note

iOS 5 is no longer supported. This means iPad 1 and other devices that can not upgrade to iOS 6 will not be able to upgrade to AsdeqDocs v3+

Due to the improvements in the TLS engine, we recommend reviewing the Certificate Management page when upgrading an AsdeqDocs server with your own imported/uploaded certificate to v3 

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