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AsdeqLabs is pleased to announce the availability of AsdeqDocs 2.3. Note that version 2.2 is not a generally available release.

Version 2.3 is a recommended upgrade for all customers running version 2.1. or earlier.

Release Details


AsdeqDocs iPad Client

AsdeqDocs Server

Release Date5-May-20135-May-2013
Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade is through the 

App Store


Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Installing AsdeqServer

Please note the new policies mentioned below which must
enabled to allow the new server browsing functionality.

What's New in AsdeqDocs 2.3

For Users

Web Uploads and Drag and Drop

Files can now be uploaded into SMB fileshares and SharePoint through the web based Libraries screen. Drag and drop of files into libraries from your desktop is also supported. 

Files can be dragged and dropped into the Libraries screen whenever the +Upload button is shown, or the +Upload button can be clicked to display Windows Explorer or Mac Finder for manual navigation to the file(s) you wish to upload. 

Progress bars are displayed for each file uploading, and the Libraries contents will be updated as file uploads complete.

Using this feature in conjunction with AsdeqDocs QuickSync allows files to appear on the device in seconds (see video below)

Improved Annotation Pen Tool 

The annotations pen tool has been improved on the iPad so that it creates more natural curves for handwriting.

External Users

Support for secure sharing to External Users

AsdeqDocs Server now contains a default role and group designed for users that are external to your organisation. This allows external users to use the AsdeqDocs app to view documents in Libraries but not to create and modify Libraries or browse the server. AsdeqDocs customers can now easily share Libraries and documents to external parties without any fear they will edit, delete or alter internal configurations.

The external user can only view files from Libraries shared with the external user or group.  


External users canExternal users can not

(tick) View files in Libraries shared with them via the web interface

(tick) View files in Libraries shared with them via the AsdeqDocs app

(tick) Perform a selective wipe of the AsdeqDocs container on their lost device

(error) Create Libraries

(error) Modify Libraries

(error) Edit documents

(error) Upload documents

(error) Use the Browse Server feature on the client

(error) Access the Administration pages


External users and the Everyone group

We recommend the creation of a group (Settings > User & Group Management > Group Management > Add Group) called "External users" or similar to group together these accounts and simplify assigning the External user role (Settings > Role Management). Additionally, we recommend the Everyone group have the User role removed if you intent to provide limited file and Library access to external users.

External users will be able to see Libraries shared with the Everyone group. As such, to limit the visibility for external users we using the System Users group as a catch-all in preference to the Everyone group in shared Libraries.



A non-Active Directory user can now be assigned security identifiers (SIDs) so that they can impersonate an Active Directory user or group for the purposes of viewing Library contents. This allows an External User to impersonate an AD/LDAP user without having to create an account for the external party in your AD/LDAP that would give them access to other areas of your network.

Essentially this allows an external user to see files in a Library with the privileges of an existing AD user.  The new User Management screen provides the ability to verify the files the account now has access to, so you can be sure of exactly which files an external user could see.

Security and Server Config

Asdeq QuickSync

The AsdeqDocs server and client now contains QuickSync. QuickSync provides a way for files on back-end file repositories to be available on your device within seconds after they are changed (added and/or edited) on a fileshare. This uses technology similar to Push with emails.

In conjunction with web upload, this allows users to quickly and easily put a file on their device from their desktop without having to use cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. In the video below you can see how quickly a file appears on the device after being uploaded to the Library via the web.

Required Login Timeout policy

Administrators now have the option under security policies to set a maximum time period that devices can remain out of contact from the server.  If the user does not connect to the server within the configured number of days then the AsdeqDocs app will discreetly perform a selective wipe of all content in our secure container.

Each successful authenticated connection to the server resets this data time bomb feature. 

Maximum Library Size Setting

There is now a configurable maximum size for Libraries. This prevents the accidental creation of very large Libraries which would otherwise fill up all available space on the device. Users with v2.3 of the app that have oversized Libraries will see a message when they open the Library (v2.1.x app users will not be able to sync more data for an oversized library. As such, upgrading all devices to the latest version is recommended) 

SharePoint Improvements

SharePoint Two-Way Synchronisation

SharePoint source locations now support direct uploads to SharePoint document libraries from devices. If the library requires a check in comment or a major/minor version selected the user is prompted. If the document is checked out to another user the upload is not allowed.

Support for SharePoint List Item Level Permissions 

AsdeqDocs now provides improved support for fine grained permissions at the SharePoint list item level. Permissions set per-item in SharePoint lists and document libraries are fully respected within AsdeqDocs Libraries.

New integration options

HP TRIM Source Location

HP Trim is now available as a Source Location. 

In a future release users will be able to further limit the search on TRIM and create Libraries based on customised search terms.

Integration with HiSoftware Sheriff

HiSoftware Sheriff is an award-winning content-aware compliance solution for SharePoint. Compliance Sheriff SP allows organizations to realize the full ECM potential of SharePoint while mitigating the risk of a privacy breach and ensuring compliance with specific regulations and internal policies including PII, PHI, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH and custom guidelines. AsdeqDocs now seamlessly integrates with HiSoftware Sheriff to leverage the policies and rules that you define in HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP and HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP to extend those policies and controls to content when a user accesses it from their iPad.

For more details of HiSoftware Sheriff, please refer to the HiSoftware Sheriff site.

For Administrators

Improved User & Group Management Administration

In order to support External Users, the user and group management pages have been overhauled to aid the workflow of creating users and assigning them to groups.

Users and Groups now each have their own tabs for easier navigation. 

  • Groups now display a list of members, and the security identifiers for the group.
  • Users now display additional user details, group memberships, security identifiers, the users accessible documents (for investigating and determining permission/inheritance issues), and allows the configuring of impersonation for external users 

Server Startup Page

Additional visibility of server activity is now displayed during server startup. 

Administration Warnings

The administration Overview page now provides warnings to administrators about common server issues, such as:

  • Database indexes that need rebuilding
  • Poor LDAP performance
  • Low disk space
  • Low memory on the server
  • Libraries exceeding the configured maximum

Additional improvements

  • The Libraries page shows the owner of the library
  • When creating Libraries the available Source Locations are restricted to Admins and those with access to the root of the Source Location path
  • File properties metadata shows the last modified date
  • PDF files can link to other PDF files in the same library using relative links
  • SSL warning dialogs show fingerprints of certificates to better enable administrators to identify fake certificates
  • SQL Server indexes are now reorganised nightly and rebuilt on restarting the AsdeqDocs service
  • The AsdeqDocs server runs using the latest version of Java 7.17
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
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