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Form definitions can be exported as a single file from an AsdeqForms Server. This is useful when transferring a form definition between Development/UAT to a Production environment.

The form definitions are exported as an .afdz file - AsdeqForms Definition Zip containing the main form resources such as the Schema, Javascript and CSS files.

Resources that exist outside the form definition folders are exported as references rather than being embedded in the export file. These references are only valid on the server they were export from.


Exporting a Form Definition

To export an form definition go to the Form Management page click on a form to view its properties and select the Basics tab.

At the bottom right of the page there is a link Export to File that can be used to export the current published versioned of the form.

This will download the form definition file to your local browser.

The form definition includes the following:

  • Schema definition
  • Javascript resource file
  • Form CSS file
  • Resources that exist in the resources folder such as images
  • Export settings and some advanced setting


Items that are not included:

  • Sharing information
  • Resources that are added from Source Locations outside of the default form location. (i.e. Resources not in the default resources folder)
  • Form drafts and submissions
  • Form exports




Importing a Form Definition

The form definition file can either be imported as a new form or it can be imported to an existing form definition.

To import as a new form

Follow the normal process to create a form and select the Import a form definition file option as shown below.

Select the .afdz file to upload and proceed to the next page of the form creation wizard where you can edit the name and description of the form.


The new form will be created and the contents of the form definition file will be extracted to the default form location.


To import to an existing form

To import to an existing form definition go to the Form Management page click on the desired form to view its properties and select the Basics tab.

On the Basics tab there is a link at bottom right of the tab - Import Definition (.afdz)

Step 1 - The screen contains information about the import process:

The rules for updating an existing form are more complicated than created a new form.

  • The form definition XML and script will be extracted and used to replace this form's XML definition and script.
  • A new draft version of this form will be created, replacing any existing draft. The published version will not be affected.
  • It is recommended to backup the existing form by download the .afdz incase of any issues.

Step 2 - Drag the .afdz file or use the browse for file option to upload the form.


Step 3 - Is confirmation of the import showing how the form definition has been updated.

Changes made by the import can be rolled back by discarding the draft using the Visual Editor.





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