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About AsdeqForms

  • AsdeqForms is a secure, fully integrated solution that allows customisable forms to be easily deployed to mobile devices where they can be filled in offline. Once completed, these user-friendly forms are submitted to an organisation’s existing content systems; integrated with new and existing business processes.
  • AsdeqForms is a straight-forward mobile forms solution that is easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • AsdeqForms delivers outstanding mobile forms capabilities. Both the customisation and use of forms is user-friendly and seamless. Built on the powerful AsdeqDocs platform, security and reliability are assured. Thanks to the AsdeqDocs synchronisation technology forms can be completed offline by users and queued up for submission when next connected to a network.
  • Get up and running fast! With AsdeqForms’ web-based graphical designer and Active Directory integration, customising and deploying forms couldn’t be easier. The forms are rendered natively on users’ devices and are intuitive enough that they require minimal training.
  • The Asdeq Overview of the Form Editor allows you to create great looking forms quickly without writing a single line of code. You simply drag and drop Form Controls to where you need them and edit the properties to fit your needs.The pages below contain information on setting up and using AsdeqForms.

Guides and Articles 

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