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About AsdeqDocs

The AsdeqDocs Solution:

  • Allows a mobile user to directly access any corporate documents, regardless of where or how those documents may be stored
  • Directly integrates to some 18+ corporate document repositories;
  • Provides native mobile clients for the iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, macOS and Windows
  • Provides a rich and powerful end user experience that allows for a user to
    • browse and view documents
    • work both online and offline
    • search for text within documents (both on device and across multiple document repositories)
    • edit/annotate documents
    • accurately view MS Office Documents
  • Supports unprecedented mobile document security including
    • enforcement of changes to document permissions (only have what you are supposed to)
    • on device custom encryption (secure container)
    • full on device auditing of user document access

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